What's Happening in Edina
  1. Grant Johnson

    Head Election Judge Ensures Integrity of Voting Process

    Come Election Day, Hometown Hero and Head Election Judge Grant Johnson makes sure voting is easy and secure for Edina residents. More Election Judges are needed for the November 2020 election cycle.
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  1. Newest Edina Police Officer Sworn In this Summer

    On Tuesday, Sept. 15, Gaby Doyle was sworn in as Edina’s newest Police Officer. Her mother, Jennifer, pinned on her badge, 114. Read on...
  2. Public Advised Against Contact with Four Edina Lakes

    The public is advised to have no contact with the water in Arrowhead Lake, Lake Cornelia, Lake Edina and Lake Holiday. The water contains blue-green algae at levels that could potentially cause harm. Read on...
  3. Planning Commission to Hold Electronic Meeting Sept. 23

    The Edina Planning Commission will hold an electronic meeting next week. Read on...
  4. Edina Housing & Redevelopment Authority to Meet Thursday, Sept. 24

    The Edina Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) will hold an electronic meeting Thursday, Sept. 24. Read on...
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